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Metal Frame Ceiling Cost Guide

How much does a metal frame ceiling cost? If that’s what has been ringing in your mind for a while, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explore a detailed cost guide in more detail. 

You probably have been looking for a way to add more space to an area of your home, and installing a metal frame ceiling is a great solution for it.

This type of ceiling is designed with large openings so that air can easily circulate and flow through the room. You can also use these ceilings as a decorative feature in your house.

metal frame ceiling cost

What is a metal frame ceiling?

A metal frame ceiling is a type of suspended ceiling. It uses an open grid, which allows natural light to filter through. This makes it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, as there are no enclosed rooms or large openings in the structure itself. The material used to create this type of ceiling can be either steel or aluminium, depending on your preferences and budget.

How Much Does a Metal Frame Ceiling Cost?

If you are calculating the metal frame ceiling cost When using a metal frame ceiling cost guide, you must consider the materials used to build it as well as how many panels you want installed throughout your space. You may also need additional supplies such as drywall anchors if any holes need patched up after installation is complete. 

The cost of a metal frame ceiling can vary depending on the size and type of ceiling. For example, if you have a small room (less than 100 square feet) with minimal lighting, your installation will be inexpensive. If you have a large room (more than 2,000 square feet) with high-end lights installed throughout, your price tag could skyrocket.

The prices are usually quoted per square metre and generally larger spaces generally have a lower price per square metre. The table below provides a brief guide for metal frame plasterboard ceilings.

15m21 day£20 to £30£300 to £450
25m22 days£20 to £30£500 to £750
100m25 to 7 days£15 to £25£1,500 to £2,500

As you will notice, the labour hours for larger spaces generally take longer which can affect the overall cost.

The bottom line is this: The best way to figure out the metal frame ceiling cost is by asking an expert. There are various factors to consider and a professional plasterer will be able to guide you with the same.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Installing a Metal Frame Ceiling?

There are various factors that will affect the cost of a metal frame ceiling installation. We’ll look at these below so you can know what to be aware of when you’re setting a budget.

Type of lighting

The type of lighting you install will affect the price. If you decide to install downlights, lighting tiles, pendant lights or ceiling lights, this is going to add more costs than a standard fitting.

Downlights start at around £10 whereas lighting tiles and pendant lights start at around £20 and ceiling lights at £30.

Size of the ceiling

The size of your ceiling is also going to impact the price. You may want a very small frame installed which would be cheaper than having something larger installed. However, usually contractors will bring down the price per square metre if the area is large which can reduce the cost. 

Skip hire

If you need skip hire to remove waste during construction or demolition then this will add more cost onto the project as well. You can expect to pay between £60 and £275 depending on the size of the skip you need.

Installing air conditioning

Whether or not air conditioning is installed can also have an impact on prices as many people choose not to include it in their metal frame ceilings for aesthetic reasons such as wanting exposed ducting and pipes showing through instead

Tips to to reduce metal frame ceiling cost

As a homeowner, you can take steps to reduce the cost of your metal frame ceiling. The first step is to get quotes from multiple contractors and compare them. The next step is to bid for the job yourself or hire a professional to help you with it.

Listed below are some ways you consider to reduce the metal frame ceiling cost and also manage your finances:

  • Use alternative materials that are less expensive but are of good quality.
  • Negotiate on the labour cost as it is in direct control of the contractor.
  • Choose the right metal frame systems that work for you to reduce wastage.
  • Watch out for hidden fees and be more aware of it by directly asking the contractor.
  • Negotiate for a payment plan with the contractor. This can help ease your financial burden which can be especially useful for larger spaces.

What’s Involved in Installing a Metal Frame Ceiling?

The first step is to gather the necessary tools, which include:

  • a tape measure (or ruler)
  • stanley knife
  • tin snips
  • a pencil or chalk line
  • an angle finder (optional)

The first step would be to take measurements. The contractors will make sure that they can easily reach all areas that need measuring with the tape measure. 

Next step would be to hold the end of the tape against one side of the ceiling frame and then wrap it around to where you want to start measuring from on another side. 

Both dimensions of each metal panel will be measured to draw up a diagram so that there’s no confusion later on when installing the ceiling frame. 

If required, some temporary hooks will be hung onto the metal frames to help hold them steady while cutting them down later with an angle grinder or circular saw (with appropriate safety equipment).

Next comes cutting edge channels for installation into each section of framework before adding in ceiling channels for attaching plasterboard as well as any additional decorating touches like lighting fixtures or artwork if desired after installation is complete.

Benefits of installing a metal frame ceiling

  • Durable: Metal frame ceilings are built to last. They’re designed to be resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture, so they’ll be able to withstand the elements for many years.
  • Gives a more aesthetic appeal: Installing a metal frame ceiling can help hide away any wiring that is hanging around.
  • Straightforward installation: As you may have noticed in the section above, the installation is quite an easy process which can therefore be done pretty quickly.
  • Low maintenance: A major benefit of this type of ceiling is its low maintenance requirements. Metal frame ceilings don’t need much more than a quick wipe-down every once in a while; this means you won’t have to spend hours every week scrubbing away at mold and grime that accumulates on top of your ceiling like traditional materials would require.

Seeking professional help to install a metal ceiling frame

If you’re planning to install a metal frame ceiling in your home, it’s important to hire a professional contractor for the job. They can help you determine the best type of metal frame for your project and find the solution for it too. This will save you time, money and hassle so that you can enjoy your new look!

Knowing the metal frame ceiling cost is a good start as it gives you an idea of how much to budget. While there is no such thing as a perfect home, it’s possible to create one that has all of the features you want by using expert advice and by exploring your options.

Get in touch with our team at Ralph Plastering who can help you with your metal frame ceiling project. This will ensure that the installation goes smoothly so that you can enjoy your new home for years to come.

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