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Machine Spray Render vs Traditional Render

Ever wondered whether machine spray render is better than traditional render?

Each method has its own pros and cons which we will discuss in this post. At the end of it, you should have a better understanding of which type of rendering is best suited for your requirement. This will be a comparison of the two methods and does not provide a detailed guide on how to render exterior walls.

Wall coatings are an easy way to make any structure look like new without expensive renovations. It adds an element of character and personality to every home or business. In this article, we are going to explore the two main options to apply – a machine spray render finish or a regular, hand applied rendering technique.

Machine Spray Rendering vs Traditional Rendering - Ralph Plastering
Machine Spray Rendering – Ralph Plastering

Benefits of traditional render

Traditional render, also known as house rendering, has been around for ages, making it a popular technique for building your home to perfection. It allows you to easily manoeuvre around the position of shingles, windows, eaves and wall features with ease. With traditional rendering, the finishing touches are given to the property before the painting stage.

Taking the time to render by hand with a traditional brush guarantees you’ll only apply the render mix to the precise areas requiring it. It also means you can keep your finished building looking pristine with less effort.

By taking the time up front to prepare each surface with care, you are less likely to create spots or blotches which will need to be touched up.

The only limitation of traditional render is that it can take many hours to apply. Despite its visual appeal, hand-led rendering can significantly prolong the project, and (ideally) a home rendering task has to be done in a single sitting so the solution has enough time to set and dry. As such, it’s common to seek professional help.

Is traditional rendering worth it?

Traditional rendering can be thought of as a type of cladding for the exterior of the house. These are used to protect the underlying house walls from weathering and rainwater penetration in addition to providing an attractive appearance to the house.

Benefits of machine spray render

Machine spray renders are a good option if you are looking for speed and blanket render finishes. These use a mechanism that swallows the render material, mixes them up, and sprays out the render through a pressurised nozzle to apply on to the wall.

Wall sections can be rendered in a fraction of the time by machine versus by hand. Generally during the rendering process, it’s important to minimize disruption during your day. In such instances, adopting the machine spray render method can be beneficial to you. Additionally, your rendering team will have no trouble finding an expert to operate the machine.

Another advantage is that the chosen finished colour is provided in the render, so no painting work is required. Thus, cutting down on labour time and reducing overall project time.

The only drawback for this spray render application is that you will have to take off your existing fascias, gutters and wall features before the product can be applied. The technique also may not allow you to use fine brush strokes for a more natural appearance.

Which one is right for you?

Short answer, it depends. There are many factors you would need to consider when choosing between traditional render vs machine spray render. Depending on the availability of materials, budget involved for the project and the areas you need to apply the render to, the professional renderers will be able to advise you on the best approach.

If you have a requirement to make your property look nice and increase its value, do get in touch with our renderers at Ralph Plastering. We will be more than happy to inspect and find out your requirements in more detail.

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