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How Long Does Render Last?

Many property owners and potential buyers who are considering buying a building with external rendering are probably wondering how long does render last.

In all honesty, the question is quite complicated, and the solution is not particularly straightforward. The lifespan of an exterior rendering system for a property depends on a variety of factors.

It can be difficult to determine whether a render system for your property would be advantageous based on its age if you’re thinking about it for the first time. In any case, South London is full of beautiful homes with render systems.

How long does render last?

A typical render has a useful life of around 30 years while the external renders, however, have a shelf life just like many other finishing materials.

For instance, some contemporary acrylic- or plastic-based renders should last 20 to 40 years. Most of the time, a property doesn’t require renovation work for nearly 50 years.

Anyway, let’s look at the factors to better understand how long external rendering lasts.

Factors affecting the age of render

Type of Render

Modern acrylic and silicon-based renders frequently have a long lifespan and, when installed properly, do not require replacement any sooner.

When compared to some contemporary acrylic renders, cement renders have a tendency to crack and break off more frequently, necessitating replacement sooner. They also experience shrinkage, and if it happens too much, you could get into even more trouble. They can crack after seven to fifteen years.

Again, though, it depends on the underlying circumstances. There are fewer chances of early cracking if your brickwork was laid with cement-based mortar. The cement render cannot accommodate movement because of the rigid cement mortar. The rigidity of cement render will not be able to withstand a mortar with a lime base, though. There will be cracks, bumps, hollow areas, and possibly even spalling.

Modern renders are much more flexible and permeable because they have an adhesive base coat and topcoats made of mineral, silicon, or acrylic. Consequently, they are less likely to crack. Such renderings resemble those items that you put in and then forget.

Quality workmanship

You need a high-quality rendering system from an established renderer such as our team Ralph Plastering for all types of renders to function and last longer. Renders should last longer if they are applied correctly and the wall surface is properly cleaned. Applying render to a dirty exterior wall without any prior preparation will cause it to peel off and crack before it should, in addition to causing it to crack and break off.

Although selecting high-quality materials for your home’s rendering is crucial, it is also crucial to select a reliable installer who is skilled in their field. Even the most resilient person will get a headache from a poor installer.

Prevailing conditions and weathering

The environment that your render may be exposed to is a crucial factor in determining how long it will last. The render won’t last very long if you reside in an area where there is a lot of rain and bad weather is frequent. Some renders made of lime and silicon perform admirably in such bad weather and defend the underlying bricks and insulation.

Other methods to make house rendering last longer


Peb­bledash is still excellent for areas where a hard-wearing ren­der is required, despite its dated and uncool appearance. Many UK properties still have pebbledash that is 100 years old or older, and this is because the material is so durable and resistant to damage that it can last that long.

They frequently contain sand cement, making them non-breathable and prone to frequent cracking. Therefore, it is probably time to consider replacing these outdated designs.

If you are replacing old render, keep in mind that you must first remove it from the wall, unless you are also insuring the property. Pebbledash is difficult to remove and dispose of, so insulation is an appropriate solution.

Regular maintenance

While some renders will naturally have longer life spans than others, it’s important to remember that if the system is not maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the life span may be reduced and the warranties may no longer be valid.

One of the important guidelines included in EWI Pro‘s warranty is that the walls should be painted every 8 to 10 years, for instance. The rendering should last a long time if these instructions are followed.

Want your render to last longer? How you install it, is important

Although the materials you use are obviously important, you also need an experienced installer. Even with the best materials, a poor installer can create a finish that won’t stand the test of time. You can create a design that will last generations if you combine high-quality, precisely specified materials with an experienced, high-quality installer.

Call us right away for assistance in choosing the render that will last the longest for your property if you need additional guidance and tips. Pre-purchase inspections always make us happy because we value each and every one of our customers.

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