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Drywall vs Plastering: Which Works Better For You?

In one of our previous articles, we discussed the benefits of dry lining walls and the factors to consider when choosing drywall. In this article, we compare drywall vs plastering and help you understand which one would be the right one for you by answering some of the most common questions.

What is the difference between drywall and plastering?

For hundreds of years, plastering was the technique used to construct walls and ceilings. These were carried out by placing layers of wet plaster over thousands of wooden strips called laths which would eventually harden to form walls. As such, the installation and repair processes were both time-consuming and difficult to do well.

On the other hand, drywalls are a modern alternative to hand-applied wall plaster and it’s less labour intensive and quicker to apply. The main component is gypsum which is crystalised to create boards that are cut to fit the shape of the walls.

plastering vs drywall
Plastering vs drywall: Making the right choice. Source: in.Weber

Drywall vs Plastering: Which costs more?

Plastering requires more specialized skills compared to drywall installation. Additionally, it takes longer to complete whereas drywall is more straightforward and easier to install. However, depending on the types of material used and the project scope, the extent of these price differences can vary. The material costs are comparable too.

Is drywall better than plastering?

There are a few factors you’ll need to  consider when choosing between drywall or plastering. For example, newer homes tend to feature drywall as they can be planned accordingly and are quicker to install. However, depending on the usage you might consider opting for the plastering option if you want a more long lasting solution.

You should also note that drywalls are not soundproof whereas plastered walls are. Given the differences in density, plaster blocks sound transmission much better than gypsum drywall.

Finally, plastering gives a higher end look compared to a gypsum drywall. They provide better aesthetics which drywalls are used for more standard finishes. For example, if your property has a curved wall, plaster may be the better choice as it is almost impossible to get drywall gypsum boards to bend as desired.

Making the choice

As you may have noted, depending on various factors, you are mostly presented with two options during a wall construction project: drywall vs plastering. In most cases, choosing between them can be tough especially if it’s a new building project.

If you are currently undecided and need help choosing between them, do get in touch with our experts and we will provide free consultation. We will also consult you on the local regulations that you need to adhere to.

We will also be happy to communicate with your current building contractors to formulate the best solution. Here at Ralph Plastering we also offer an extensive selection of plastering services if you would like us to provide a free quote and consultation.

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